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"Most significant performances: Rosenblatt's Captain Thorn is an ice-blooded, iron-willed sea serpent that could spring at any second from the deck of the Tonquin or at any port.  Rosenblatt dispatches an especially freezing stare that could stop the Snake River.  Later ... a revealing monologue makes Thorn human."

-Lee Williams, The Oregonian 

"Varon takes her biggest chances with the character Puck and has in Rosenblatt an actor more than capable of meeting the challenge. His Puck is a gruff, untutored youth who is charming without ever getting cloying."

-Jeffrey Borak, The Berkshire Eagle

"Ben Rosenblatt gave the best performance of the evening. His characters were well defined and theatrically animated."

-Brian Walker, Theatre Louisville

"Ben Rosenblatt is wonderfully expressive in this role, using the mask to amplify the various levels he finds for the Officer’s emotional life, making the Officer one of the most compelling characters on stage."

-Aimee Todoroff,

"Even beneath his large green "old man" mask, Ben Rosenblatt gives an affecting performance as The Officer who waits and waits and waits for his beloved Victoria."

-Brooke Pierce,

"But by far the most interesting and pitiable character in Garden is Jack, played masterfully and frankly by Ben Rosenblatt. He is sleazy and impetuous, a drunk and a homewrecker in the most literal sense of the word. However, he is the most honest and scrupulous man in the play.

-Sujin Shin, The Justice

"Ben Rosenblatt has the odd role of Dr. Pangloss. His tall, lanky body and quirky voice are just right for this odd character who preaches not what he practices but uses his preached philosophy to create his own oversexed environment. Rosenblatt is a genuinely comic talent, a nice addition to this company in such a role."

-J. Peter Bergman, Berkshire Bright Focus

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